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Project: BusiNET







Subject: Monthly e-zine covering a variety of
actionable business topics. One issue
per quarter also appeared as a printed
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Involvement: Independently develop and produce
new e-zine to minimize commitment
of staff resources.








Meet with various corporate stakeholders at inception of
project to discuss purpose, scope, etc.

Develop a list of pertinent topics with direct relevance to bank
products and services.

Create an annotated Editorial Calendar with monthly topics
arranged both seasonally and with respect to current events.

Adjust Editorial Calendar as necessary to accommodate new
bank products/services and/or changes in current events.

Determine most effective type of expert for a given article and
communicate needs to the bank. Experts included business
partners, bank customers and bank employees.

Review materials provided by the bank on the products/services
relevant to a given article.

Conduct independent research on given article topic as needed
to become familiar with current issues involved.

Develop interview questions designed to solicit information both
relevant to the topic and germane to bank products/services.

Contact bank-provided experts; schedule and conduct interviews.

Assimilate information gathered from interviews, bank-provided
materials and independent research, as appropriate.

Write articles and sidebars; include instructions for links between
articles and sidebars as well as to Web sites of expert sources.

Examine previous articles for relevance and include instructions
for linking to those articles in current issue of e-zine.

Email articles to expert sources for review and adjustment.

Edit articles as necessary until approved by expert sources.

Deliver final product via email in agreed upon format on time and
under budget.


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