Project: †† WizmoNews.com







Subject:†† E-zine used for business development
by an intranet design and hosting firm.
Articles were either Business Topics
(Click top graphic for sample) or Intranet
(Click bottom graphic.)







Involvement:Develop and produce content.









® Meet with various corporate stakeholders at inception of
project to discuss purpose, scope, etc.

® Develop a list of pertinent topics with direct relevance to
the firmís target market: small and mid-sized businesses.

® Create an annotated, bi-monthly Editorial Calendar
arranged to capitalize on seasonal and current events.

® Adjust Editorial Calendar as necessary to address client
needs and/or changes in current events.

® Conduct independent research on given article topic as
needed to become familiar with issues involved.

® Develop interview questions designed to solicit relevant
information germane to both the target market and topic.

® Determine and locate most effective type of expert for
a given article. Experts were drawn from across the U.S.

® Contact experts; schedule and conduct interviews.

® Assimilate information gathered from interviews and
independent research, as appropriate.

® Write articles and include instructions for links between
articles and the Web sites cited in the copy.

® Email articles to expert sources for review.

® Edit articles as necessary and resubmit for approval.

® Deliver final product via email in agreed upon format on
time and under budget.















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